Lanyard Donations - US & Canada Only.  All other inquiries will not be processed.

From time to time when we go through our lanyard inventory, we come across small quantities of lanyards that are either overstock or a discontinued style.  Rather than keep them on the shelves in our warehouse to collect dust, we like to donate the lanyards so they can be put to good use. Because lanyards can be heavy and bulky to ship, the only thing we ask of you is to pay a nominal shipping fee.

If you are interested in these lanyards please fill out the form below or give us a call at 1-800-453-4747 for more details and to see if we have any lanyards that could be donated.

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Please tell us about what you are planning on using the lanyards for:
US & Canada ONLY!  All other inquiries will not be processed.


Abraham Lincoln Silk Screen